The RG650 is a new Series design
- a joint project of the builder Riotecna (www.riotecna.com) and the designer GYD (www.gyachtdesign.com).  As a third generation Mini design, the RG-650 features the latest Mini design trends including a high performance chine hull and high aspect ratio appendages.  The RG650 has evolved directly from GYDs experience with their proto No Koncept ARG 695.

Riotecna is an established builder of racing dinghies including the Opti, Europa, 470, 29er and the International Cadet.  The design weight of the RG650 is 940k and each boat will be weighed before leaving the factory. Experience in one-design production quality control is an advantage that Riotecna brings to this boat, the first Mini to be built in the southern hemisphere. 

Argentina benefits from having a well skilled national labour force and advantages in production costs in comparison to the EEC & the USA.  As the RG650 is being built largely for export it is planned that boat prices will be very competitive in Europe and North America. Fast Sailing (www.fastsailing.nl) will market the boat in Europe and NAMT will be the NA agent.

Boat #1 is finished and will be used as the company’s test boat.  We are planning to bring boats #2 & #3 to North America at a very attractive introductory factory price.


Built to Series box rules, the TipTop matches full length and beam of the Zero and SC2.

  1. 6.50 m Length overall

  2. 3.00 m Hull Beam

  3. 1.60 m Draught

  4. 940 Kg Displacement

  5. 27.0 sq m Mainsail

  6. 15.0 sq m Jib

  7. 80.0 sq m Asymmetric


The RG650 has:

  1. Chine hull

  2. Ergonomic deck design

  3. Easy handling deck layout

  4. Sweptback spreaders for increased mast stability

  5. Interior design developed to maximize comfort in racing conditions

  6. Cruising options available