The Zero's lines and design features have their origins in the very successful Lombard Protos #240 and #260 campaigned in the 2001 and 2003 Mini Transat (MT) races. Lombard designs have now taken six of 12 podium finishes in the last four Mini Transat races.

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Keel and Canting Cradle

Cockpit/Sliding Hatch &

Angled Companionway

Superior Sail Handling

The Zero

The Zero is recognized as a Series class boat by the governing French Classe Mini Association. Like all Minis, it is unsinkable and meets the stringent stability and safety requirements that greatly exceed those required by other classes of racing boats.  MOS Composites SL, the Zero builder,  has a tri-lingual website providing technical details of the Zero's design and construction. Almost 40 Zeros have been built.



Built to a box rule, the Zero has the same approximate dimensions as other Series class designs:

  1. 6.50 m Length overall

  2. 3.00 m Hull Beam

  3. 11.00 m Max height

  4. 1.60 m Draught

  5. 1050 Kg Displacement

  6. 420 Kg Ballast

  7. 23.5 sq m Mainsail

  8. 17.9 sq m Genoa

  9. 70 sq m Spinnaker (large)



The Zero has several features distinguishing it from its competitors including:

  1. a lifting keel and canting cradle needed for legal towing,

  2. an ergonomic cockpit designed for safety, efficiency, and comfort,

  3. a sliding hatch and angled companion-way for safe and easy access below

  4. superior sail handling with two halyard winches rather than one for easy reefing and sail handling.