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Interface in java ppt

Interface in java ppt

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21 Oct One class can implement many interfacesOne interface can be implemented by many classesBy providing the interface keyword, Java allows. A class can implement more than one interface (the Java platform supports multiple inheritance for interfaces), so the implements keyword is followed by a comma-separated list of the interfaces implemented by the class. In Java, only single inheritance is permitted. However, Java provides a construct called an interface which can be implemented by a class. Interfaces are similar to abstract classes (we will compare the two soon). A class can implement any number of interfaces.

To achieve this, Java requires some additional kinds of classes. 2. 3. Abstract An interface is like a very abstract class—none of its methods are defined. Creational Patterns: Abstract class provides interface for creating objects. Implementation of the interface is provided by subclasses. In Java allows abstract classes . A Java interface is a collection of constants and abstract methods The Java Standard Class library defines many interfaces.

This is achieved in Java by using the keyword final as follows: final class Marks Interface is a conceptual entity similar to a Abstract class. Can contain only. Java interfaces, which define specifications that a coded class must implement. Java abstract classes, which are “incomplete” classes, part specification and part implementation. Java polymorphism, which allows a common set of methods to be implemented between several families of classes. OOP: The Interface Concept. 1. The Interface Concept. • Multiple inheritance. • Interfaces. • Four often used Java interfaces. ▫ Iterator. ▫ Cloneable. abstract methods = Methods that are declared, with no implementation; abstract class = A class with abstract methods, not meant to be instantiated; interface = A. this requires that any class implementing the Comparable interface contains a compareTo method, and public interface SerializableRunnable extends .